About Me


I am James. I grew up in a small town in the south-west of England. In 2010, I left as a timid 21-year-old with a big dream to travel the world!

The only problem was, I had no money!

Literally none! In fact, I had actually accrued some overdraft debt from two years working in the UK skydiving scene and making plenty of poor (but fun) decisions! I also had student loan debt; a particulary hard pill to swallow as I never actually finished university! I hadn’t really heard of travel blogging at that point, (Lonely Planet was still king), and even if I had, I didn’t yet have any stories to blog about. The sensible decision would have been to get a job, pay off debt, and THEN go travel, but 21-year-olds don’t often make the most sensible decisions, least of all me!

I needed a way to be able to earn money, AND travel the world...

…SCUBA diving gave me the answer!

SCUBA diving and travel go hand in hand. It seemed the perfect solution! So I managed to sweet-talk my way into an unpaid internship in the Canary Islands of Spain, spent even more overdraft allowance on a plane ticket, and the rest, as they say – is history!

Not all of my adventures are diving related, but being a professional gave me the ticket to live and travel the world long-term.


…Ten years later, and with plenty of hard life lessons under my belt, I am now in a much better position. I have had the privilege to SCUBA dive, skydive, bicycle tour, and generally just travel around some of this amazing planet. My travels are modest compared to some, but I have created ten-years worth of amazing stories, stunning photographs, and tragic fails! I feel I have lots of advice to give too.

This blog is my medium to share all of this with you!

Here are a few of my popular posts to get you started!

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