Photos: Diving with sharks in the Cayman Islands

I am only diving the weekends right now. Fortunately, the quality of diving has been really great with tons of fish life, and other marine animals too. December is ‘Shark Month’; The resident population of sharks here are returning once again to shallow waters after spending the summer a lot deeper avoiding the warmer water. That’s not to say you don’t see sharks in the summer, but winter is more reliable. Also, in winter they seem more active and actively swim around divers. We saw seven individuals on a single dive!

I was also able to do some teaching with an Open Water Diver course for a lovely family. They seemed to love it, and it meant I got a decent couple of weekends of work – which is awesome as it’s very quiet right now still with a closed airport and no visiting tourists. Hopefully we will see the outcome of the vaccine being positive for the island, but I am staying calm and not really expecting big news until late winter. Time will tell.

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