Review: November 18th 2020

It’s been a relatively busy month blogging wise since my last update. I have made a few new posts, completed a few that have been sitting in my drafts folder, and re-worked an old one with better quality photos.

The Cayman Islands still has its borders closed to all but a select few long-term tourists. So work is slow with just a day or two a week on duty. But, we have shark month coming up next month which should prove to be exciting – lots of exciting dives planned!

But diving aside, I have been plugging away at this website, working out, and plenty of riding my bike. The weather is much cooler now, with a lovely breeze most days, so it’s been a pleasure!

I have written some advice articles based on my experiences that I thought readers would benefit from, and they have certainly been popular so far! We looked at taking better photos, even on basic equipment. I wrote about a topic I have been researching heavily during lockdown – airline points and miles for better travel experiences. Finally I wrote a guide on saving money in the country I currently call home, which happens to be one of the most expensive countries in the world. The Cayman Islands.

Next, I have completed a couple of blog posts that have been awaiting completion in my drafts folder dating back to our Central America bicycle ride last year. I still have plenty more content related to this most amazing of trips, so make sure to keep checking back. Even better – subscribe!

I also have finally completed a post that has literally been in the works since 2012! For whatever reason it just has constantly been pushed down the priority list. I have no idea why as it relates to how travellers to the famous city of Dubai can escape the big city and see everything else the United Arab Emirates has to offer. A topic certainly worthy of mention as Dubai is a tourism hotspot with millions of visitors a year!

Lastly, I took an old post where I had poorly edited the photos and made them look a little better. I say a little better because the image files I have are extremely poor quality which is a shame, but there was a time when I had no idea about taking and looking after photos. Hence why I wrote the first article in this review!

As I said – busy month!

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