Review: October 15th 2020

I have been a busy boy! Not only have I been writing about current events in my world, I also have been working on updating old content and adding stuff that I never got around to publishing at the time – some of which dates back several years. In order to keep you all updated, I have created a review of all the new content and updated older stuff too. Read on below…

Expedition: Finding a lost shipwreck! September 2020

My dive shop here in the Cayman Islands, Ocean Frontiers, wanted to go and find a shipwreck that has been lost after a devastating hurricane rampaged its way through the area in 2004. The only thing we knew was that it was somewhere on a submerged seamount, 12 miles offshore. Click to read more!

Expedition: Bloody Bay Wall, Little Cayman

Taking advantage of the great weather typical of late summer, not to mention our new fast and comfortable boats – we made the sixty nautical mile journey to Little Cayman to experience the famous Bloody Bay Wall. Considered amongst the best diving the Caribbean! I had a great time and did a write up for a local newspaper. I share that story here…. (I still prefer my beloved East End of Grand Cayman diving though!)

New challenge: Learning to freedive and achieving a personal record to longest breath-hold time.

I have been meaning to learn to freedive for a long time, but through a variety of life-events, other plans, and other such excuses, it had thus far eluded me. Finally we got our act together and begun the process, although admittedly we have still not finished the course! We have made great progress though! Read more…

Life Events: Tackling COVID Lockdown.

COVID19 has hit the world with an unprecedented level of uncertainty, fear, and change. For us working in the dive industry in the Caribbean, we experienced the overnight destruction of our livelihoods. Many in this industry have lost their jobs with no hope of return soon. For us here at Ocean Frontiers, we took the opportunity to conduct some long-awaited maintenance around the resort. We were confined to our homes for the first two months, with the exception of ninety minutes of daily exercise and trips to buy essentials every other day. Once restrictions eased, we turned our attention to digging holes, shoveling sand, concreting, painting, and more. I got super fit and learned new skills to boot. See some photos here!

Humour: Funny things I learned in Bali. April 2018

My first experience of Asia was spending time working in the dive industry in Bali, Indonesia. It was an eye-opening time full of new experiences. I have attempted to share some of those tales in this light-hearted post.

Adventure. Winter fun in Canada. Jan/Feb 2018

After finishing a stint in the Cayman Islands, I visited Candace in Canada. It was my first true experience of ‘real’ winter – and it was great fun. We hiked to a remote backcountry hut, as well as plenty of other things too!

Thanks for reading. I have always got little writing projects on the ‘back burner’ – keep checking back!


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