Photo log: What Dive Instructors do during COVID lockdown.

With the airport closed, no tourists to take diving, and an island-wide ban on watersports, we used the downtime to do tons of maintenance work on the resort. I got fitter than ever with plenty of heavy labour in brutal summer heat, when the government permitted SCUBA diving again we were super keen to get back into the water!

Above: Day one of no tourists – chopping down trees to make an extension to the gear shed. Photo taken before I grew a beard!

Unfortunately – after the first day of maintenance work, the entire island were on a ‘remain in place’ order with only essential workers permitted out of their houses. The only time the rest of us were allowed outside was to grocery shop and buy essentials (only on assigned days based on letter of last name) and 90 minutes of exercise. (But no going in the ocean – a real killer on a Caribbean island!) I used the opportunity to grow a beard!

Above: Back to work after the best part of two months inside. I was happy with the beard – but it was soon to go. Hard work in high heat was unpleasant enough without the extra facial hair!

Below: Burning things was a common theme in the early weeks.

Above: Building a new dock. Were we posing in the photos? You decide!

Below: Building a new entrance way to the resort.

Above: Sanding railings in preparation to paint them quickly became a loathed job by all. It seemed to take weeks to do all of them!

Above: I got really good at working with concrete…

Above: A lack of a fear of heights meant Hannah, Hunter, and myself were designated to work up the scaffolding.

Below: And ladders!

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