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Hi, I am James!

My blog is probably just one of the many blogs and projects that have been started during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic – I guess lots of people now have lots of time on their hands, and are trying something new and being creative! It seems I am one of them…


I actually started this page back in 2012 and it got off to a really good start. As tends to happen however, life got in the way and the blog lay dormant while I had the best time travelling around the world having fun and adventure!

You could argue that I was simply ‘content creating!’ However, that may seem a little tenuous, and certainly a poor excuse for being bad at posting new stuff! Now, with a lot of time on my hands, (it seems the demand for boat captains and SCUBA diving instructors is somewhat diminished right now!) I have decided to go all in and commit to turning a hard-drive full of photos, and a brain full of memories – into something real, and something that I can share and be proud of.

So, it’s been quite a process! I was effectively starting from scratch and learning it all, but I think it’s going well so far. 24 posts published and about 13 sitting in drafts right now which I am working on. Plus countless more I have not even started yet! Thanks for stopping by, please keep doing so as I am updating daily, but ultimately the focus is on the best quality I can achieve, so it’s not fast! I want to write real stories and be a little different!

To read more about me, click here.

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